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Sodium bicarbonate

1,19 €
Content: 100g (11,90 € per 1 kg)
incl. 7% VAT, plus shipping costs (Standard Versand)

Product details

Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a sodium salt of carbonic acid and is one of the bicarbonates. The connection must not with sodium carbonate (soda, Molecular Formula Na2CO3) are confused. The product with the E-number 500 , also known as soda is used in foods as a leavening agent and effervescent powders. There you will find a mixture of baking soda with a solid acid such as citric acid. But even in bath tablets and in fire extinguishing powders, it happens. In the softening of water, it is also used. Sodium bicarbonate can also be found under the names of soda bicarbonate, baking soda, baking soda, and the brand names Bullrich salt and Kaiser. Sodium bicarbonate is a colorless, crystalline solid which decomposes above a temperature of 50 ° C with elimination of water and carbon dioxide to sodium carbonate.

Content: 100 % sodium bicarbonate E 500

Storage: Our package anywhere at room temperature, clean and dry place away from direct sunlight possible.

Packaging: Resealable aluminum bag is welded at first opening.

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